Create your own courses

10 easy steps for teaching your own course with eSquirrel

The courses you write with eSquirrel will only be visible to you (including up to four additional authors) and your students. If you want to make a course publicly available, write us at [email protected].

Create your course in the author’s tool:

  1. Create your account and login via
  2. Switch to the author’s tool and create your course, upload a course picture. If you want you can also add up to 4 more eSquirrel users to help you write the course.
  3. Create chapters and learning units (so called quests) like you would when writing a book and give them different colors if you want.
  4. Fill your quests with questions. You can choose from eight (8) different question types such as multiple choice, single choice, elimination, (semi-)open, find pairs, gap pairs, or clozes.
  5. Click on „Preview“ in the course overview.

Test it with the eSquirrel app (Android, iOS, Web):

  1. Download the app from your app store or switch to eSquirrel Student on the web.
  2. Login with the same account as you created in step 1).
  3. After refreshing (your smartphone needs to be connected to the internet) you will see your app as your students would.

Release it in the teacher’s portal:

  1. Are you happy with your course? Release it in the author’s tool and switch to the teacher’s portal, where you create a course for a specific class that you want to use your course with. Activate the number of seats you need in your class.
    The course will only be visible for you, not for other accounts.
  2. Give the students the registration QR code (or send it via email) to sign up for your course. From now on you start teaching with your own course!

How do I write good questions? Find tips and tricks in our guideline for authors.