Do you want to become an eSquirrel author?

Are you looking for a specific course for a specific school level that does not exist yet? Do you want to become an eSquirrel author yourself? Have you even already written a few quests or used your course with students?

Then simply apply with your résumé, a few meaningful lines about yourself and the school or institute at which you teach at [email protected]. If that suits us, we will invite you for a few sample questions.

Your profile:

In order to guarantee the usual high quality of eSquirrel courses, we expect the following:

  • Completed (teaching) degree or equivalent training
  • Enjoy working with new media
  • Ideally, you already have first teaching experience with eSquirrel

Expense & remuneration:

  • Creation of approx. 400-800 questions about a textbook or school subject
  • Revenue sharing in the courses sold OR a one-time fee for each question created