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Zeitversetztes Wiederholen

Give homework

Set a deadline for a quest! Just like that students get a notification in the app! You will then see who has done the homework and how well.


Review learning progress

You maintain an overview of the learning progress of the entire class. For the assessment of individual students, you can also access the detailed view of individual students.

Learning Analytics

Learning Analytics

Understand at a glance what your class can already do. Evaluations of particularly difficult and easy questions help you to optimally prepare for the lessons.

Digitales Inhaltsverzeichnis

Digital table of contents

Have a clear overview of the tasks before you go through them in class or give them as homework.

Cheat Sheet

Cheat Sheet

Only you see the solutions to the tasks at a glance.

Quests sperren und freigeben

Locking and unlocking quests

Make sure that students only do the quests they are already ready for – just lock and unlock quests!

Digital Aufzeigen

Digital hand raising

Students can ask questions about quests. You can respond to them directly in class (or by e-mail).


Create quizzes

Create a quiz from any number of questions from any number of quests – and set the time and period. Hourly repetitions have never been done so quickly!

Arbeitsblätter drucken

Print worksheets

You prefer to print out your test or worksheets? No problem! By optimizing the pages, quiz questions can now be printed out even easier!

Klasse verwalten

Manage classes

View your class code, print instructions on how to install, register and join the class, and agree to the privacy policy. Remove students & add places.

Features for students in the app

Aufgaben lösen

Solve tasks

Students learn in 8 different question formats with the support of images, audio files, mathematical formulas or even explanatory video links.

Quests meistern

Complete quests

To successfully complete a learning unit – a so-called quest – every question must be answered correctly once.

Nüsse sammeln

Collect acorns

For each task solved, each student receives 1-3 acorns. These are cut in half on your second try. On your third try you won’t get any acorns. Students can see from the acorns how well they have mastered a quest.

Levels weiterspielen

Continue playing levels

By repeating quests at different times, students strengthen their skills and gain confidence in their abilities.

Zeitversetztes Wiederholen

Do homework digitally

Pupils receive a notification on their smartphone when they have to complete a quest as a homework assignment.


Repeat lessons (tests)

Students can take quizzes from teachers on any device.  Afterwards, they see an evaluation and know exactly what they have done right and wrong.


Own learning progress

In the statistics, students know exactly how far they have already come in the course and what they still have to repeat.

Duellieren mit KlassenkollegInnen

Track the Leaderboard

Students can compare themselves with the best 33% of the class and see their own place.

Digital Aufzeigen

Digital hand raising

Students can ask questions about quests. Teachers will receive their answers in class or by e-mail.

E-Book immer dabei

E-Book always with them

With eSquirrel, students always have their textbook with them. Questions are directly linked to the right place in the book.

Features in the authoring tool

  • Create your own courses based on your learning materials
  • Colour them to match your learning material
  • Link to related websites and e-books per course and per quest
  • Create tasks in 8 different task formats
  • Add an image, audio file, tutorial video, or formula to each task

These courses are optimized mobile for your students free of charge. You can use the same features as described above for free if you create your own courses.



We’re working on this right now

  • Allow use of the app even without login
  • Integrate your own questions directly into ready-made courses
  • Learning duels between pupils
  • Other types of tasks
  • Even more learning analytics and learning progress checks for teachers
  • Even more learning progress information for pupils
  • More diverse export possibilities
  • Further integration into other tools/LMS

Do you have another suggestion? Write to us at [email protected]!