eSquirrel – the quiz app for your textbooks and supplementary material

eSquirrel is the ideal add-on for your textbooks & teaching material

You distribute textbooks, supplementary material or course content? Thanks to eSquirrel your customers will have a reliable study companion in the form of an enjoyable quiz-app, that is perfectly fittet to yout content

Students and course participants are completing tasks fitted to their textbook or course. They gain competences easily, are more motivated to do so and they will memorize them for a long time. They perform better on tests and exams.

Teachers and course instructors will save a lot of time due to automatic evaluations of homeworks and tests.

5 reasons, why you will skyrocket your sales with eSquirrel:

  • High-quality additional material

    Schools and course institutes are more likely to order your books if they have high quality online material that students can use easily.

  • Unique selling point (USP)

    You increase the attractiveness of your books for teachers and students.

  • Advertising platform

    You will reach more potential customers via an additional marketing platform with tens of thousands of users.

  • Raise your sales PRINT & ONLINE

    Schools, teachers and course institutes are more likely to buy your books if it incudes interactive digital material.

    One publishing company was able toraise it’s book salesby 50%at one institute within one semester. It is a special attraction for customers to have a learning platform with them at all times, that includes tasks to their specific courses.

  • SImple operation

    The mobile coures is structured like your book. Students fnd it easy to orientate (because they know the books structure).

All features for teachers, course instructors, students and course participants.

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eSquirrel adds a great value to our textbooks! Finally something innovative, is liked by schoolchildren and facilitates the teacher’s work.

Notes on various spelling and grammar topics that are included in the language book can be shown again and again before editing the respective chapter and thus prove to be very helpful. The plus part of the e-bookcovered by the learning app eSquirel thus represents a successful enrichment.

eSquirrel is a great app to motivate adults to repeat after the seminar. The best way to transfer knowledge after the course!

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