For teachers
& course instructors 

With eSquirrel you have everything you need for teaching. The lessons are suitable for many textbooks from the primary school to the high school degree and university.

You can use eSquirrel anytime to give homework, prepare quizzes and keep track of the learning progress of the whole class.
The textbook is also always with you!

For teachers
& course instructors 

With eSquirrel you have everything you need for teaching. The lessons are suitable for many textbooks from the primary school to the high school degree and university.

You can use eSquirrel anytime to give homework, prepare quizzes and keep track of the learning progress of the whole class.
The textbook is also always with you!

Teach digitally matching your textbooks and subjects

Review learning progress

You maintain an overview of the learning progress of the entire class. For the assessment of individual students you can also access the detailed view of individual students.

Give homework

Set a deadline for a quest! Just like that students get a notification in the app! You will then see who has done the homework and how well.

Print worksheets

You prefer to print out your test or worksheets? No problem! By optimizing the slips of paper, quiz questions can now be printed out even more easily!

 Create quizzes

Create a quiz from any number of questions from any number of quests – and set the time and period. Hourly repetitions have never been done so quickly!

Here’s how it works

Ihr Buch mit eSquirrel

Your lessons with eSquirrel

With eSquirrel you teach digitally & interactively. Our courses are based on popular textbooks – your students learn according to the content you work with every day. What’s more, with eSquirrel you can easily design your lessons and bring in digital content.

Learning success at a glance  

Thanks to eSquirrel’s Learning Analytics, you can tailor the lessons to your students. You keep track of each student and can solve challenges in the classroom in a targeted way.

Available on all devices and also offline

eSquirrel is available on all end devices, such as smartphone, tablet, Android and iOS and also on the web.
eSquirrel also works offline. Download the course once and you can practice and teach without wifi and without a network connection.

Motivate students

eSquirrel motivates self-determined learning. As a blended learning platform, eSquirrel is suitable for both face-to-face teaching and digitally supported self-learning phases. Students collect acorns, complete quests and follow each other on the leaderboard.

Gamification elements motivate students to learn and practice regularly and the fun of learning is maintained.


GDPR compliant and free of ads

Like any app and web platform, we process user data to provide our service. Doing that we enforce the GDPR (EU) in a strict setting. We guarantee 100% GDPR compliance.

According to the GDPR (EU) persons below the age of 16 are not allowed to agree to the privacy policy themselves. In some countries like Austria this limit has been lowered to 14 years. As so foreseen in the GDPR, eSquirrel requires parents or legal guardians of users under age to agree to the privacy policy for them and logs their confirmation by name and date. Thus, with users under age, we recommend to install eSquirrel at home with their parents.

The eSquirrel app and platform also runs ad-free. You and your students can learn and practice with our digital content undisturbed.

eSquirrel passend zum Schulbuch

High-quality learning materials on the smartphone

Pupils and students are used to having their smartphones with them at all times. eSquirrel offers mobile optimized exercises on textbooks and course content.

With eSquirrel, your students will find high quality learning materials on their smartphone that match your textbook and learning materials. You can document or directly evaluate the learning success.

Motivate your students to practice repetition: Who makes it to the epic level?

Creation of content

You would like to write a course for your own lessons? In our authoring tool, this can easily be done free of charge and advertising.

The courses you write will only be visible to you (including up to 4 other authors) and your students.  In ten easy steps you can create your own course and start teaching right away.

8 Frageformate

Numerous features

Your students learn effectively and efficiently thanks to the numerous features of eSquirrel.

  • 8 question formats
  • Include audio files, explanatory videos and mathematical formulas
  • Worksheet generator
  • Automatic evaluation of the learning progress
  • Offline available
  • GDPR compliant/li>
  • Advertising free
  • and much more

Teaching simply and digitally in 3 steps

In our catalogue  there are digital courses for textbooks and school subjects. There are courses that are adapted to specific books as well as book-independent courses that are adapted to the curriculum.

From elementary school to the high school degree, there is almost certainly something for you. If not, you can also write your own course for free in the authoring tool.

On the eSquirrel home page, click on “Login” in the upper right corner and register for free.

After entering your data you will receive a confirmation message by email (if you registered with an email address) or as SMS (if you registered with your cell phone number). Click on the link sent to you to complete the account creation. Or you can log in with Facebook, Google or Apple.

Afterwards you can easily login with your access data.

If you are logged in, you will find the different tools of eSquirrel in the upper left corner of your browser. To teach with eSquirrel, you need to create a new class. You can do this in the teacher portal.

In the Teacher Portal, click on the + New Class box, select your desired eSquirrel course.
Just enter class name (e.g. 5A 2019/29), number of students in the class and duration of the course. You can also test each course for 1 month, free of charge.
If necessary: pay class license with credit card/Paypal.

After creating the class, you can easily print the instructions for your students.

You get the message: New class successfully created!
In the lower right corner there is the possibility to print the instructions for students. To do so, click on print instructions. Alternatively you can open your eSquirrel class via the teacher portal and click on the printer icon under Manage. This way you can also print and distribute the instructions to the students at any time.

If you are working with students under 14 (16 in Germany), give them the instructions and have them install it with their parents or legal guardians.

Unsere Kunden und Partner


You want to create courses as an author and then publish them?

Just apply with a few sentences and your resume at [email protected].

eSquirrel offers great added value to our school books! Finally something really innovative, which students like to use and which also makes work easier for teachers.

During the home schooling period it was not easy for me to decide which learning contents the children can work on/repeat in biology. But thanks to eSquirrel it worked out well. The students had the task to play through 3 quests I had chosen. The feedback I received yesterday was very positive. There was a “glow” on some faces when they reported about it. I think eSquirrel will be a fixed part of my lessons in the future.

I’m a big fan of eSquirrel and have also received a lot of positive feedback from the parents.

Due to the possibility of using eSquirrel free of charge, I have been using it with my classes since distance learning since mid-March and am thrilled with it. Even now, in addition to face-to-face classes, I very much appreciate the exercises that are perfectly tailored to the textbook.